Monday, 6 November 2017

4 marvelous beaches you can book for your Bermuda excursions

Bermuda is an ideal welcome center for most island vacations, as its beaches will make you feel relaxed, away from the bustle of the cities. Its pink serene beaches offer diverse beach activities to make your holiday adventuresome. On top of that, you can entirely get one for yourself if you can get-go with the locals! So, let's take a look at the top 4 beaches you can book, on your upcoming Bermuda excursions.

1           1.     Turtle Bay Beach

Turtle Bay is an inlet within Bermuda and is nearby to Grazbury’s Island, Cooper’s Island and Soldier Point. Turtle Bay is also close to Long Bay, Rocky Hole, and Well Bay.

The Turtle Bay opened to the public in 2008. This 44-acre peninsula was once the position of a NASA tracking station. With plenty of superb private beaches facing both South Shore and Castle Harbour and bordered by bird sanctuaries, this is the perfect place you will want to be at least once in your lifetime.

These scenic beaches have calm waters and are great for families and kids. Ample facilities make it a favorite picnic spot; you can also enjoy the Clearwater Beach located on site.

2         2.      Shelly Bay

Located on the north shore of the Hamilton Parish, this beach is named after Henry Shelly, one of the English colonists on the famous 1609 Sea Venture ship that wrecked off at Bermuda.

With very shallow water, even at high tide, the Shelly Bay is safe and charming for novice swimmers and children. A beachside cafe with changing and bathroom facilities along with a playground, parking, and picnic facilities, this beach must be on your list of Bermuda excursions, especially if you are visiting with your family and kids.

3         3.      Daniels Head Beaches and Park

Hidden in a secluded western corner of the Sandy's Parish, Daniels Head is a beautiful prize as a place in Bermuda. It's a peninsular area.

While most beaches are privately owned, now there is one which is public and artistic. When you visit Daniel's Head, you will realize that this is one of the best-kept secrets ever and is known to very few tourists.

Around 400 yards away from the west of Daniel's Island, you can see the partly submerged wreck of the HMS Vixen with only half of its hull jutting out of the water. You can snorkel around this wreck. The water here is full of fishes, and you can even hand feed them!

4          4.      Horseshoe Bay

Cited for its curved appearance, famous Horseshoe Bay Beach owns Bermuda's trademark clear, striking blue waters and beautiful pink sands. The rosy shade of the beach is the result of a blend of crushed shells, coral and calcium carbonate called red foraminifera.

Kids can experience boogie boarding, enjoy playing beach volleyball, splash around and build sandcastles. For water babies and children, Port Royal Cove features an enclosed part of the beach that keeps the waves out.

It is the most popular beach in Bermuda, and this beach ranks #8th among the top #10 beaches in the world by! Now, that can be a solid reason for you to add it for your Bermuda excursions.

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